(noun) met-uh-noi-uh

"the transformative journey of changing one's heart, mind, self or way of life"

Origin: Ancient Greece


Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to let go of the you, that you’ve created and allow yourself to become the you, you’re meant to be?

Within this 6 week intensive program you will rapidly shift from the depths of your current life and be led back into your light.

You will discover the truth of your limitations and release the core wounds that hold you back.

Reunite with parts of yourself long buried beneath the stress and pressure of life and reconnect to the things that nourish and sustain you.

On the Edge

These darkest days
and loneliest nights
When I can't speak
I can't hear
I can’t see
I pray for death to come take me
I believe they would be better off without me.

But every morning I wake.
I fall out of bed
I go through it all again
I smile although it’s forced
I laugh although it’s fake
I wear my mask well
And I pretend I’m doing ok so you can feel safe

I feel it inside me
A strength that keeps me here
A knowing, that somewhere
At the end of this fog
There is an edge,
I will be brave, I will jump.
And that's where I’ll find my wings and fly home into the light.

Rachel Davis 2015

Are you at your edge, right now?

Afraid, alone, disconnected and ashamed.

Has your world been turned upside down and you have no sense of what direction to take?

You’ve lost your way and the noise of your mind has completely drowned out any connection to your internal compass.


Step into the light and rediscover your joy without the weight of worry or self judgement

Learn powerful processes to quiet the negative voice in your mind that never stops.

Discover the peace available to you when you get out the loop of overthinking & analysing

Embody the ability to LET GO and surrender.

let this program be the catalyst to profound and lasting change, let it be the door that you have been looking for, that leads you down the path that has been calling you, all of your life.

Why should you embark on the Metanoia Journey?

Through this work you will be guided and supported to:


Unearth the core wounds and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back


Discover how to let go of the things that no longer serve you


Free yourself from the noise of your negative mind


Learn how to connect with and listen to your heart


Release yourself from fear and embrace change


Break free from the habits and illnesses that limit you living to your full potential


Rediscover the self care practices that nourish and sustain you


Embrace self-acceptance and self-love


Embark on a journey of living authentically, liberated from the expectations of others

The Metanoia Program is a 3 stage process

1. Journey


Unravelling the Self on the Path to Rediscovery

Begin this new stage of your life with a gentle and yet deep journey of reconnection to yourself and your self-care needs. Begin the process of unwinding the limiting beliefs that have held you back from living your best life. Embrace your vulnerability in a safe and nurturing space and lay the groundwork for rediscovering your truth.

2. Transform


Rewiring the Mind and Releasing the Past

In our second session you will partake in a deep transformational journey where we will address the beliefs, habits and core wounds that inhibit you living to your highest potential and experiencing life with joy, peace and freedom. Releasing you from old patterns and healing the deepest parts of you so those fractured and lost pieces are reunited and connected to the new you.

3. Freedom


Navigating the Journey of Inner Peace

Our final session is designed to begin the lifelong journey of liberating your authentic self. You will experience a gentle and peaceful integration of the profound changes that you have allowed to take shape. We will celebrate you, as you to step into your newfound freedom. Completing the program by setting intentions and creating an empowered plan to move forward into your new way of living that is in alignment with your passions and values.

metanoia is for you if:


You’re ready to begin the deeper journey to healing yourself


You want more from your life


You’re committed to doing the work for yourself


You are tired of being stuck in the same story


You’re ready for deep & lasting change

what you will receive

  • 2 x 2 hour Energetic Healing and Coaching sessions in person (or online)
  • 1 x 3 hour CTC - Deep Transformational Session - in person (or online)
  • Access to me in between sessions for follow up & support
  • A copy of Threshold - Stories of Initiation
  • Personalized gift on completion of program

let me introduce myself as your guide


I am Rachel, a sacred space holder who activates the Soul Remembrance of women who are ready to reconnect with their authentic truth. I am a guide for my clients as they realign to their path, and open their hearts to what is truly possible for them.

Combining my thirty years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry with advanced energetic healing and mindset practices, including Reiki, N.L.P, E.F.T and Hypnotherapy, to support women to anchor back to their innate sense of self-worth so that they can increase their confidence, self-belief, and trust in their resilience, personal power and intuition.

I am an expert in helping women discover their self care needs and in turn learn to love themselves unconditionally.

I use my intuition, psychic and clairvoyant gifts to deeply connect and offer insights and messages. My skills are deeply supported by my ability to help my client’s shift their perception and see the world in a whole new light.

It is my deepest desire is for women to truly see and know themselves, inside and out.

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