'It is my deepest desire to help you find your inner beauty so that you can truly glow.' - Rachel Lea

Gillieston Heights | Maitland | Hunter Region | NSW Australia


I know you are here because you are looking for more. Your soul is crying out for a
deeper connection to your self, your life and your spirituality.

I want to help you embrace all of who you
are, find your path & be your truest you.

I want to help you
find your brave

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Learn how to do your makeup that

allows your true beauty to shine through




Emotional & Physical Healing

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Rachel has over 30 years experience in the Hair Industry and is still as passionate today as the day she started. Always acutely aware of the powerful part she plays in a person’s day & life, she has spent the last decade learning, growing & developing into what she likes to call a “Holistic Hair Stylist”

'I exist to remind you of how beautiful & loved you are by guiding you
down the path of self-love & self-care.' - Rachel Lea


With Rachel’s extensive experience in both wedding, photographic & special occasion make up, she has spent numerous years developing her own line of makeup & skincare - Brave Cosmetics. She now specialises in one on one make up lessons to help you create the everyday or special occasion looks you most desire.

'We are all worthy of love, forgiveness & abundance.' - Rachel Lea


As a self -care expert, Rachel is also now offering energetic healing & transformational coaching. Using a selection of healing modalities & her intuitive gifts she is dedicated to helping people connect to their truest self, find their path & heal their pasts. This also links to her newest venture Inner Beauty Outer Glow – a project to connect women to themselves & each other through events, workshops & retreats

Rediscover your missing pieces, remember your truth & find your way to peace & contentment with an unconditional love of self.

Eyebrow Makeup

I had just moved to the area and struggled to find a hairdresser I was happy with.

Rachel corrected my previous ordinary haircut and colour in my first appointment.

She is highly skilled and passionate about her work and a visit to her salon is an enjoyable experience


Jennifer Jones


Rachel did my makeup for my brothers wedding.

It was exactly what I wanted and flawless.

It still looked freshly done by the end of the night and it was done hours before the wedding.

Rachel is an expert in makeup and hair and I have and will continue to recommend her and Brave Cosmetics to everyone.

Susannah Hardy


Reiki with Rachel is an amazing experience. She is a compassionate, kind & intuitive person who provides you with a safe space to let your guard down & simply ‘be’.

During a Reiki session with Rachel there is such an amazing energy & I feel a wonderful sense of calm. I particularly love the time Rachel spends at the conclusion of the healing to share the process she goes through & any messages she has.

Renee Harley


I genuinely love Brave Cosmetics. The Nourish Oil feels like a divine treat for my skin. It’s so smooth and smells delightful.

I love the natural ingredients & knowing that its safe for my skin – I even use it on my kids! The BB cream is also a favourite product of mine. I’ve used a lot of different ones over the years & this glides on beautifully with a lovely finish.

It’s so light but with great coverage

Megan Sellers – Walker

How much are your services?

As there are many services & products on offer – please follow the links below to view all price lists. If you require assistance or have any questions please email or call Rachel direct on 0413112056


How can I book an appointment?

For assistance with booking or new clients please call Rachel on 0413112056 or email

It is highly recommended for new clients or those interested in a transformational package, CTC session or coaching to contact Rachel direct.

What happens in a Reiki Session & how will I feel after?

Rachel will talk through the process with you before she begins, but essentially what happens in a (in person*) Reiki session is there is a combination of hands off & hands on healing that is working on the energy that flows through your system, using the energy that flows throughout the universe. It will assist in healing both physical & emotional illnesses / issues and will leaving you feeling both energised & relaxed. During the session you may or may not feel the varied effects of the energy work as each person experiences the treatment differently. But you will most definitely feel calm, at peace & safe during your reiki session. Please email or call rachel for more information or to see if Reiki is right for you.

Rachel is also highly intuitive & will receive messages and guidance from higher sources, she will pass all the information she receives on to you at the conclusion of the session. If you do not wish for this then when booking, please select the Healing Only session or mention to Rachel when discussing your booking

*Reiki can also be delivered by distance and the benefits & healing properties remain the same.

What will I learn in a one on one make up lesson with Rachel?

In a One on One session with Rachel you will be asked to bring all of your current make up with you (including brushes) where she then will go through a full consultation with you & determine what it is you would like to learn, she will recommend the best products & colours for you, helping you determine of what you already have is suitable & what else you might need to achieve the desired looks. She will take you through step by step the techniques you need to feel confident doing your own makeup, where she will demonstrate first, then assist you to do on yourself, giving you numerous tips & advice along the way.

Your investment of $111.00 includes a 1 hour session and a gift of the perfect Primer & Foundation to match your skin (valued at $99) all other products that are recommended during the lesson are available to purchase and when you spend over $200 on products you will receive an additional gift.


Are Rachel’s books open for new hair clients?

Rachel’s books are currently closed for new hair clients however you can join the waitlist here <insert link for waitlist form> and as soon as an opening becomes available she will be in contact. You are currently able to schedule appointments to see Rachel for make up lessons & healing services and she would love to meet you.



What is energetic healing?

Energy healing is a gentle, non-invasive technique that restores harmony, energy and balance within the human energy system by channelling the universal life force into it. While some energy healing modalities employ the element of touch during a treatment session to clear, balance and energise the energy fields of the recipient of energy, others do not. In most cases, energy healers are capable of transferring energy remotely to heal another person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health despite their distance.

Energy healing can be used to complement conventional healthcare services or in conjunction with other natural approaches to health and healing.” Courtesy of

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