Soul Remembrance is a 6-month journey to reconnect you back to the self you may have forgotten or have never truly known.

It’s time to release yourself from the fears, beliefs and stories that have held you stuck in a state of mere existence and survival.

Are you ready to open your heart, mind and soul to a whole new way of thinking, feeling and living?

Reconnect | Awaken | Liberate | Illuminate


It’s a lonely life,
When you think so deeply,
Feel so intensely,
Love so completely.
When you follow the path that leads you to awakening
You follow it alone.
Empty conversations bore you.
Surface level relationships infuriate you.
And holding so much inside is suffocating.
You want to spill your soul 
to someone who can help you
Piece together the intricacies of your existence.
You’re ready to scream your truths 
To those who understand them,
And can scream their own back to you.
You need to open your heart to others
Who are knee deep
In their own soul’s journey.

Rachel Lea 2017

I am you...

Well at least I was.
I see you where you are right now - lost, disconnected, disheartened.
Frustrated, alone, stuck.

What if told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

What if I told you that you could have the life you desire and that the answer
is as simple (and as complex) as getting to truly know yourself?
You see, the reason you feel so lost is because you have forgotten your truth.
Perhaps you feel like you’ve never really known it.

That which you desire most - stands on the other side of that which you fear most.

I bet you’ve spent so long existing in the persona they’ve needed you to be.
The “good girl” - they told you should be.
The selfless mother - society expects from you.
The dutiful wife - your own mother demonstrated.
And the countless other expectations we have had placed upon us and also imposed on ourselves.

I know you’ve also been wearing masks.

Not just to keep others happy, but also to protect yourself.
Telling people what you think they want to hear.
Being the person you think they want you to be.
Maybe you actually believe the things other people have told you about yourself.

At what cost?

You’re not just physically exhausted, you are emotionally and mentally drained. No amount of sleep helps, you wake as exhausted as you were when you fell asleep.

This is because you are denying your truth.

Once you reconnect to your truth, the exhaustion will begin to fade, because you are nourishing your soul and you are no longer fighting against the truth of what you need or who you are.

Imagine creating a life that no longer feels like a constant struggle or battle.

I know that;
You desire your life to be simpler, freer and more joyful.
You’re ready to release the constraints of the masks and armour.

No more pretending and conforming.
It’s time live an authentic life free of fear.
Free to be who you truly are.

I’m here to meet you at these crossroads where you now find yourself. I’m here to guide you back to your truth and onto the path that is meant for you.

Life will always seem a struggle if we are swimming upstream.

It is my deepest desire to help you find your flow and awaken the truth of who you really are.

Understand who you truly are and what your Soul desires

Why choose the Soul Remembrance Program?

Through this work you will be supported and guided to:


Unearth the path to your Soul Purpose so that you can live an authentic life


Discover and understand the difference between your soul and your personality


Free yourself from anxious overthinking and the noise of your mind


Learn how to tap into the quiet and calm voice of your heart


Guide yourself to listen to and trust your inner knowing and follow your intuition


Break free of limiting beliefs, make empowering choices and live authentically


Rediscover joy and nourishment by cultivating a healthy self care routine

Step on to the Path of your Soul’s Purpose

Soul Remembrance will guide you there through a three phase process:

Phase 1 - Awakening: Path To Truth

Something deep inside whispers that you are meant for more. But what? How could you know what you want for your life if you don’t even know who you are?

It’s time to shift the guilt of wanting more and simply settling for the life you think you should just be content with it. Our first step is to clear the limiting beliefs and let go of what no longer serves you so that you can shift your mindset for transformation. 

Awaken to the truth of your potential and break free from self-imposed limitations and conditioning. In this phase, you will embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth as you question your beliefs and release old patterns and habits.

Phase 2 - Liberation: Nurturing Authenticity & Wholeness

You know you have neglected yourself. Put all others needs in front of your own. Self care is all the buzz right now, but do you know what you really need beyond the hot baths and the massages? 

What truly nourishes your soul? 

What soothes your heightened nervous system? 

What best serves your purpose? 

What honours your path?    

It’s time to dive deeper into the realm of self care. Uncover what it is for you, what lights up your heart and soul. Heal your inner child & liberate yourself from past wounds.

Imagine loving yourself so deeply that ‘self care’ is no longer a term you need to use, because you no longer justify the time you take to nurture yourself the way you nurture others. 

I will guide you to embrace your authenticity and lead you home to wholeness as you learn to let go of the labels and masks you’ve worn over the years. 

Phase 3 - Illumination: Embracing the Path of Soulful Knowing

We are born into this world knowing who we truly are, without labels or expectations. Without the pressures of society or the hopes of our parents. Without the fear of being judged or the guilt of getting it wrong. 

Then life happens, right? 

We often end up so far removed from our truth that we can’t even hear the voice of our heart as a whisper, let alone tap into the infiniteness of our soul’s knowing and our intuition. 

It’s time for you to quiet the noise of your mind, hear the voice of your heart and follow the guidance of your soul. It’s time to take back your power - stop giving it away to others who don’t truly know you. 

You’re ready to deepen into your intuition and anchor trust in yourself and the universe as you align with your life's purpose. Embrace a profound sense of inner knowing that comes from being deeply connected to your higher self and your spirit team.

This is the way you will confidently walk your path home.  

Find the truth of your soul, and you will find your path

Soul Remembrance is for you if…


You’re tired of feeling lost and disconnected.


You are ready to take responsibility for your life and take back the reins.


You desire deep and lasting change in all aspects of your world.


You crave a deeper connection and understanding of yourself.


You are tired of hearing yourself say, “I don’t know what I want or who I am”.


You’re ready to release the guilt that has come with wanting more for yourself and your life.


You need to know you aren't alone - you are ready and willing to accept help and guidance.

If you’re ready to know yourself more deeply and step onto the path of your soul’s purpose, then this journey is for you.

What you will receive:


17 x 90-Minute
(on average)
Connection & Healing Sessions


1 x 3 hour CTC Transformational Session


Access to me in Whatsapp for in between session follow up and support


Personalised Welcome Gift


Self-Care Journal and Workbook


Inner Child Journal


Oracle Card Deck - personally selected to suit you and your journey

Let me introduce myself as your guide…


I am a sacred space holder who activates the Soul Remembrance of women who are ready to reconnect with their authentic truth. I am a guide for my clients as they realign to their path, and open their hearts to what is truly possible for them. 6040

Combining my thirty years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry with advanced energetic healing and mindset practices, including Reiki, N.L.P, E.F.T and Hypnotherapy, to support women to anchor back to their innate sense of self-worth so that they can increase their confidence, self-belief, and trust in their resilience, personal power and intuition. 

I use my intuition, psychic and clairvoyant gifts to deeply connect and offer insights and messages. My skills are deeply supported by my ability to help my client’s shift their perception and see the world in a whole new light.

It is my deepest desire is for women to truly see and know themselves, inside and out.

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The Time Is Now To Discover The Light Of Your Soul


I feel my soul coming back to me.

It's like a door is opening.

Or a path becoming clear.

Calling to me,

I hear it as faint as a whisper,

Like the wind on a fresh winter's morning,

A child's breath as they lay in peaceful sleep,

The flow of a distant river over smooth rocks.

Ever persistent, reminding me to listen, to breathe, to flow.

All that has been hidden will soon be revealed.

What is asked of me now, is to have Faith.

And faith is just the other side of fear.

Your journey home, begins here

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