how do you self care??

  • Do you struggle to make time for yourself?
  • If you had a day free with no responsibility - do you know how you would spend it? And would you be guilt free?
  • Is your physical or mental health suffering?
  • Have you been ignoring your needs?
  • Do you always put everyone else’s needs first?
  • Does self care only become a priority when you’re at breaking point?
  • Maybe you are doing some self care but it doesn’t seem to be helping

this program is for you if....


You’re feeling lost and that your life lacks joy


You long for peace, freedom and fulfilment


You aren’t just exhausted and worn out, your soul is tired


You don’t even know where to start, what you need or what nourishes you.


You are ready to release the stories, beliefs and habits that hold you back from taking care of yourself.


You desire to discover self care practices that nurture your body, stimulate your mind and light up your soul.

self care that is soul deep

what it is

A 6 week holistic group program for women who desire to Nourish Their Body, Empower Their Mind, and Ignite Their Soul.

4 x online group sessions 90 minutes each
1 x Optional EXTRA - Self Care Retreat Day - in person at Hinterland Sanctuary
2 x one on one sessions to complete the program and set intentions for the future - total 60mins



The first category of Soul Awakening Self Care program is focused on of taking care of your physical well-being.

Helping you discover the activities and practices that support your physical health and appearance.

With our ultimate goal being to nurture and support your overall holistic well-being and confidence.


In the second category of the Soul Awakening Self Care program we will be delving into the mind.

Releasing the limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking care of yourself.

Healing the core wounds that hold you back.
Understanding that self care is necessary, not luxury.

Learn how to quiet the noise in your
mind and stop overthinking.

Unearthing activities that stimulate and invigorate your mind.

Discovering practices that uplift and support your mental health and emotional well-being




And finally, the soul category of this program is the key to your awakening.

Discover practices that bring you true joy, enrich your spiritual and emotional connections, and make you feel ALIVE!

Learn the difference between your soul & your personality and why this is integral to your growth.

Identify and listen to the voice of your heart.

Reconnect to your self and your truth.

Unearth the deep needs your soul is crying out for.

Heal the soul deep wounds that stop you from living your best life.

nourishing and satisfying

In the Soul Awakening program we will identify and learn the difference between
Soul Nourishing Self Care
Soul Satisfying Self Care

Understanding these 2 distinctive types of self care will be instrumental in you transforming your current
Self Care Practices into
Sacred SoulCare Practices


your investment

6 week Online Program + Self Care Day Retreat


(3 payments of $259)

6 week Online
Program Only


(3 payments of $222)

Pay In


and receive the Self Care Day Retreat at no extra charge.

Book a Free Soul Awakening Pathway Call

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Find out how to secure your spot in this amazing process (as numbers are strictly limited) and begin the transformational journey into living the life you are meant for.

Sacred Self Care

Something that is sacred is holy, devoted to a religious ceremony, or simply worthy of awe and respect.
Sacred is also an adjective used to describe a person or thing worthy of worship or declared holy.

This program is dedicated to the
divine in you.

Are you ready to treat your body, your mind and your soul like the holy and blessed human you are?

It’s time to turn your self care practices into your religion.

Worship, cherish and dedicate yourself to the most important person in your world, you

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